The Russian Military Just Spent $26,000 on Five Dolphins for Some Reason

Russia is staying mysteriously tight-lipped about what they'll be used for, but if they turned them into swimming battle drones it wouldn't be the first time.


The World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal Might Have Just Got a Lifeline

New agreements show increased attention to the plight of the vaquita, but environmental organisations warn that the effort needs to be international.


​The Race to Save the Vaquita, the World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal

There are fewer than 100 vaquitas left, and it's all due to the illegal poaching of a fish that lives in the same waters.


These Porpoises May Go Extinct Because Fish Bladders Are Delicious

A rare fish called the totoaba—whose swim bladder can fetch up to $650,000 on the black market—is sitting dead-center in a global dust-up between Greenpeace, government regulators, and high-seas smugglers. Even worse, totoaba poachers are scooping up...


Warmer Oceans Are Bringing Out the Dolphin Bullies

Warmer water is attracting dolphins to Monterey Bay, and they're a bunch of bullies.