Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Oakland Just Decriminalized 'shrooms to Restore the Community's "Relationship to Nature"

It will also allow police to focus their resources elsewhere, said the councilman who introduced the resolution.


White supremacist who trolled black female student body president now has to publicly advocate against hate for 2 years

He also has to make a video apology that she can release for educational purposes


Can Researchers Treat PTSD Without Using Triggers?

New research may hint at a way to eliminate fear responses.


Joe Biden Tore into Trump for His Comments About PTSD

"What are the chances Trump honors commitment to those who are wounded?"


'You're the Worst' Keeps Getting Mental Illness Right

The popular show about misanthropic narcissists understands mental illness in a way that most television shows don't.


Can You Get PTSD from Watching Murder Videos Online?

One study found that people who repeatedly viewed footage of deadly events were more traumatized than those who had witnessed the events in real life.


Stanford Scientists Are Calling for an In-Depth Exploration into MDMA’s Effects

"Drugs like MDMA should be the object of rigorous scientific study, and should not necessarily be demonized," one researcher said.


Veterans Are Fighting the War on Sleep

Can heavy, polypropylene-stuffed blankets help veterans with combat-related sleep disorders get some rest?


The Living Nightmare of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder—the result of sustained abuse over time—is difficult to diagnose, making it harder for those who suffer from it to move on.


The WorldStar of War Porn

On YouTube, “war porn” videos fetch millions of views. What are they doing to mental health?


Nobody Knows Just How Big of a Problem Suicide Is in the Canadian Military

The new Liberal government is pledging to tackle suicides in the Canadian military, but a new report released this week shows that might be difficult — because nobody knows quite how large the problem is.


This Canadian Soldier Killed His Wife — And He Blames PTSD

A 52-year-old veteran of the Canadian Forces says it was flashbacks of his tours in Croatia and Afghanistan that led him to stab his wife dozens of times across her face, neck, and body during a role-playing game.