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Today's Special: Papa John's Could Become Papa Shaq's

Plus, some moms are mad about a Kit-Kat commercial that makes them think about dicks.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Cheerleader Busted for Allegedly Using Pot Brownies to Win Homecoming Votes

River Donaghey

DC High School Principal Bans All Baked Goods for the Entire Week of 4/20

The approaching "globally recognized day in cannabis culture" has administrators putting the kibosh on brownies, cookies, and gummy bears.
Jelisa Castrodale

Alex Trebek Says Eating Six Pot Brownies Was a Bad Idea

Here's everything you need to know about that time the 'Jeopardy!' host got helllaaaaaaa stoned for three straight days.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Marijuana Edibles in Colorado Will Now Be Branded With This Weird Symbol

While the symbol may spell “steer clear” for many, for others, it will scream “eat me.”
Wyatt Marshall

US Judo Star Nick Delpopolo Avenges Pot Brownie 'Disgrace' at the Olympics

Four years after accidental pot brownie consumption got him kicked out of the London Olympic Games, Nick Delpopolo has returned to his sport's biggest stage to redeem himself. It's going pretty well so far.
Sarah Kurchak

The 'Julia Child of Weed' Explains How You're Making Edibles Wrong

The average pot enthusiast is more likely to dump an ounce of mids into some brownie batter than whip up something digestible and effective, so we asked the author of 'The 420 Gourmet,' to share some of his best tips to up your cannabis cooking.
Patrick Lyons

Why Are Canadian Cities Banning Weed Brownies?

Vancouver says edibles are too appealing to kids and should be taken off dispensary shelves.
Manisha Krishnan
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Make Gourmet Cannabis Cuisine Like a Coloradan

Now, you can make like a Denver stoner gourmand and whip up dishes that truly elevate the idea of cannacuisine to the stars. To outer space. To whatever's beyond outer space. Oh my god, what's out there, man?
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Don't Feed Your Teachers Pot Brownies, Even if They Ask Nicely

A teen at Broadneck High School in Maryland was ​snacking on a pot brownie during his third period class yesterday ​when his teacher asked for a bite. The student, presumably high as hell on dank kush, obliged her.
Arielle Pardes
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Science Says Weed Makes Food Taste and Smell Better

Anyone who's ever smoked a joint knows that weed can make you ravenously hungry. But why? According to recent research, THC can make your brain smell and taste food far more acutely while high—meaning there's a scientific basis for the munchies.
David Bienenstock

I Went to a Yoga Class for Stoners

I tried "420 Yoga" in Los Angeles, where we listened to Tupac, pretended to be trees, and enjoyed being baked together.
Arielle Pardes