Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Is a Major Net Neutrality Opponent

Judge Brett Kavanaugh argued that the regulations violated the First Amendment rights of ISPs.


Trump's Cognitive Test Asked Him to Draw a Clock and Remember What a Lion Is Called

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment is an effective test for detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, but it doesn’t determine if you’re a “very stable genius.”


Inside White House Photographer Pete Souza’s Photo Book of the Obama Years

In a conversation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pete Souza shows an intimate portrait of photographs and personal anecdotes from his last eight years as White House photographer for Barack Obama.


The 4 ways Trump's presidency could end early

A look at the 25th amendment and why it might be more difficult to use in removing a president than impeachment


100 days of Trump's tweets

President Donald Trump has tweeted over 500 times since taking office 100 days ago. That's an average of 5 tweets a day.


Yesterday on the Internet: Turns out Trump supporters care about internet privacy

On Wednesday, House Republicans voted to block Obama-era rules about information privacy for internet service providers. Now, the future of online privacy is in the very capable hands of one President Donald J. Trump.


Why Do Some Men Have Such Big Butts?

An examination of presidential booty that rocked the world.


We Still Don't Know Who Will Be the New White House Executive Chef

Like many other positions in the Trump White House, the executive chef position remains very much up in the air.


I Cooked an Entire Dinner of Trump’s Favorite Dishes

I look at the meatloaf, haddock hot dog, and Trump Tower Burger and—much like the American electorate—I can’t quite believe what I’ve done.