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Why It's a Huge Deal that a Major Chicken Producer Is Going to Stop Using Antibiotics

In an announcement this week by the company’s chairman, Jim Perdue, we learned two things: that the chicken purveyor is the first major poultry supplier to remove all antibiotics from its chicken supply, and that it’s going through a lot of baby wipes.
Alex Swerdloff

Bill Gates Plans to Give Away 100,000 Chickens to Rural Africans

The American billionaire, tech entrepreneur, and philanthropist penned an impassioned blog post earlier this week, in which he pledged to hand out 100,000 chickens to families throughout rural Africa.
Alex Swerdloff
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Are the Workers Who Process America's Chicken Forced to Wear Diapers?

According to a new report from Oxfam America, workers are regularly forced to wear diapers on the line because they are not permitted to take regular bathroom breaks. Others just urinate or defecate while on the line.
Alex Swerdloff

Everyone Wants The Eggs From These Chickens That Listen to Power Ballads

At the Harvest Musical Farm in Yuen Long, Fong Chi-hung plays music to his chickens, then charges a pretty penny for their meat and eggs. His flock of Zhong shan Shalan chickens don’t just listen to Mozart, though; they have quite eclectic tastes.
Alex Swerdloff

A Chicken Disease More Deadly Than Avian Flu Could Destroy the Poultry Industry

Marek's disease can decimate poultry stocks in a matter of days. The good news: a vaccine exists. The bad news: it makes the virus even deadlier.
Munchies Staff

This Man Is Changing the Way Dutch People Think About Eggs

"I cannot feed the world and I don’t want to," says Ruud Zanders. Bucking the trend of big poultry and egg-laying operations, Zanders wants to go small-scale—and he doesn't give a damn about profits.
Felicia Alberding