Forecasters: Winter Will Be Cold

A groundbreaking prediction.


Ed Sheeran Quitting Music Would Fulfill His Destiny of Being Really Normal

Hanging up the guitar and getting really into gardening feels like exactly what he should be doing.


Ancient Mesopotamian Sheep Liver Magic Predicted Trump's Rise

The polls, models, and experts didn't know what was going to happen on Election Day, but Selena Wisnom did—she read it in a sheep's liver.


Scientists Are Building Rogue Waves in the Lab to Understand Why They Form

Some waves are as big as skyscrapers. They can be deadly.


Hack This: How to Consult Google's Machine Learning Oracle

Artificial intelligence for the masses.


U.S. Sprinter Predicted She Would Be in Olympics Five Years Ago

Morolake Akinosun made a bold and accurate prediction five years ago.


Did Bernie Sanders Basically Predict the Panama Papers in 2011?

Fans might argue he knew what was coming, and that no one listened.


The Model That Can Predict (and Prevent) Transit Delays Two Hours in the Future

With "commuter prognosis," Sweden's train system will soon be able to predict the future.


Zen and the Art of Being Malcolm Turnbull

It mostly involves sitting around not bringing attention to himself.


The Future of Intelligence Gathering Could Be Computational

Soon intelligence forecasting global conflict could be an extremely accurate click away.


This Google Map Layer From 2007 Predicted Sandy-Like Flooding in New York City

In 2007, a group of architecture researchers released a report called Nation Under Siege that used that data to illustrate what surging floodwaters might look like, with a 3D Google Maps layer.


Psycho Twitter, Qu'est Que C'est

Study attempts to spot psychotics via tweet analysis.