Climate Change Killed the ‘Siberian Unicorn,’ Study Says

This Eurasian giant weighed 7,700 pounds and likely had the largest horn of any rhino, extinct or living.


This Is the Oldest Drawing by Humans Ever Found

Dating back 73,000 years, the drawing smashes the record for oldest figurative drawing by about 30,000 years.


Monster Otters, Motörhead Crocs, and Zuul: The Best Paleo Art of 2017

As chosen by an artist who draws dinosaurs for a living.


There's Now a Nasty, Prehistoric Crocodile Named After Lemmy

Lemmysuchus was named by Dr Lorna Steel, a Motörhead fan who is definitely a real person.


Here's What Happens When You Expose Photos to Nuclear Radiation

Tech devices get melted back into Earth, photos get exposed to radiation, and plants exist in suspended animation in Julian Charrière’s ‘Freeze, Memory.’


The Biggest Bird That Ever Flew

Computer modeling indicates that a bird found in an airport construction zone may have been the biggest to ever fly.