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El Paso

"Send Him Back!": El Paso Gives Trump Some of His Own Medicine

He wasn't exactly welcome when he tried to come to console. El Pasoans were still smarting from his last visit.
Trone Dowd

Under Trump, 26% of Climate Change References Have Vanished From .Gov Sites

A new report documents two years of science being scrubbed from government websites.
Sarah Emerson
Trump foreign policy

Let's Check In On Trump's Feud with “Extraordinary” Ally U.K., Shall We?

“Friends speak frankly, so I will,” British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt tweeted at Trump Tuesday.
Alex Lubben

Trump Can’t Block People He Doesn't Like on Twitter, Appeals Court Says

A federal appeals court has upheld an earlier ruling that President Trump cannot silence people on Twitter without violating the First Amendment.
Sarah Emerson

Mayors Would Love Trump’s Help With Homelessness — If He’s Actually Serious

A D.C. official pointed out that the administration has tried to cut funding at an agency that helps cities with housing.
Morgan Baskin
Mueller time

Robert Mueller Just Agreed to Testify Before Congress

The special counsel will comply with subpoenas from House Democrats.
Greg Walters
VICE News Tonight on HBO

The Wild Story of the FBI Lovers Who Used Agency Phones to Go Off on Trump Is Now a Play

Conservatives hope the “verbatim theater” production bolsters their claim about the investigations into Trump.​
Evan McMorris-Santoro
Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner’s Still Not Sure If He'd Report Russian Meddling to the FBI

And other weird stuff the senior White House adviser said last night.
Alex Lubben
Abortion Rights

Extremists Are Winning the War on Abortion

The rise of the radical anti-abortion movement has transformed statehouses, courts, and the White House. Experts worry violence will follow.
Vegas Tenold

Exclusive: The U.S. used suspect evidence to push young Bangladeshi migrants into adult detention

Immigration agencies moved dozens of people from children's facilities, sometimes using weak evidence, a VICE News investigation has found.
Mimi Dwyer
uncle joe

Should Trump fear Joe Biden? His allies say “L-o-l”

"Bernie Sanders offers the energy that should be most worrisome," says Rep. Mark Meadows.
Matt Laslo

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Attended Closed-Door Meeting With President Trump

The meeting lasted 30 minutes, and touched on "the health of the public conversation on Twitter," according to an internal Twitter email obtained by Motherboard.
Joseph Cox
Jason Koebler