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Trump Pardons Ex-Army Soldier Convicted of Stripping Iraqi Prisoner Naked and Murdering Him

Michael Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the 2008 killing.


Michael Cohen’s lawyer says his client "would never accept​" a pardon from Trump

Cohen now considers his former boss “to be both corrupt and a dangerous person in the Oval Office.”


The Ex-Sheriff Trump Wants to Pardon Ignored 400 Sex Crime Cases

Sheriff Joe Arpaio aggressively policed Latinos while failing to investigate sex crimes against undocumented immigrants. Donald Trump calls him a "great American patriot."


Trump Said He's 'Seriously Considering' Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The former Arizona sheriff was recently found guilty of contempt of court in connection with his legacy of encouraging racial profiling.


Presidential Pardon Sought for French Mother Who Shot Husband After 47 Years of Abuse

On Friday, French President François Hollande met with Jacqueline Sauvage's daughters and lawyers, who are at the forefront of a widespread campaign petitioning him to pardon her for killing her sadistic husband.