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The 2020 Democratic Frontrunners Need to Answer for Their Votes on SESTA

SESTA put my sex worker community in severe danger. We need to demand our candidates commit to better policy this primary.
Liara Roux

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama will speak out against Trump if he threatens America's core values, protestors and police clash at the Dakota pipeline site, and more.
VICE Staff
2016 US election

Donald Trump Had to Literally Get Over a Wall to Avoid Protesters in California

The irony wasn't lost on the Republican presidential frontrunner, who has notoriously called for a "big, beautiful wall" to be built along the US-Mexico border.
Sarah Mimms
2016 US election

Trump and Clinton Wage War on 'Woman Card' in Preview of General Election Fight

Following sweeping primary victories on Tuesday, Trump and Clinton drew battle lines on gender as they prepare to square off for the US presidency.
Olivia Becker
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Strange Case of Rhode Island’s Voter-ID Law

In the only state where voter restrictions have been backed by a Democratic majority, residents are bracing themselves for long lines in Tuesday's presidential primary.
Spencer Woodman
2016 US election

New York's Attorney General Will Investigate Alleged Voter Suppression in State's Primary

Eric Schneiderman said Wednesday that he is "deeply troubled" by widespread reports of election irregularities, announcing that his office would look into whether New Yorkers were illegally barred from voting.
Sarah Mimms
2016 US election

Donald Trump Takes Hometown Victory Lap After Sweeping New York Primary

The Republican frontrunner has spent weeks bragging about how much New Yorkers love him — and on Tuesday they proved it.
Olivia Becker
2015 the year in review

Do Facts Still Matter in US Politics? Here Are Some of 2015's Biggest False Claims

A take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward reality became something of a badge of honor among the crowd of candidates seeking the presidency — and actively ignoring the facts didn't appear to undermine anyone's support.
Olivia Becker