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“It’s a joke. Impeachment for that?”


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President Donald Trump won’t back off his racist attacks on “The Squad.”


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Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the many outlandish moments.


6 falsehoods Trump recycled to sell his border wall on primetime TV

“This is a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul,” the president said in his short speech Tuesday night.


Kanye just went full Kanye in the Oval Office

The rapper ranted to reporters and the president about a number of ideas, including criminal justice reform and hydrogen-powered planes.


Trump just called the accusations against Kavanaugh a “big, fat con job”

“These are all false to me,” Trump said of the allegations in a rare press conference Wednesday.


Trump says he meant to say the exact opposite of what he said about Russia's election meddling

"In a key sentence in my remarks, I said the word 'would’ instead of 'wouldn’t,'" Trump explained on Tuesday.


Trump's Putin press conference just made Republicans' lives way harder

He gave Democrats something else to hammer him and Republicans on — and created a situation where Republicans won’t be able to clap back.


The 7 craziest things Trump said during his White House sidewalk press conference

"You know why? Because I don’t want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family," Trump said when asked why he was defending Kim Jong Un.


Shaun White doesn't want to talk about "gossip," like that sexual harassment lawsuit against him

“Honestly, here to talk about the Olympics, not, you know, gossip,” he said.