Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau Reviews Music From Priests and the Coathangers

The Dean of American Rock Critics also takes on Camp Cope's 'How to Socialise and Make Friends' and Ex Hex's 'It's Real.'
Robert Christgau
Catholic Church

The Pope Just Laid Down Strict New Rules on Reporting Sex Abuse

Priests and nuns will now be required to tell church authorities about abuse and attempts to cover it up.
Emma Ockerman
Catholic Church

More Than 300 Catholic Clergy in New Jersey Have Been Accused of Sex Abuse, Report Says

The report names priests, deacons, nuns, and other religious figures associated with the five Roman Catholic dioceses in New Jersey — including members of religious orders.
Carter Sherman
god squad

Holy Shit: Vatican Track Team Aiming for Olympics

Fine, it doesn't seem like Pope Francis is going to be on the squad. But you know he's rooting for them—and that's one holy cheerleader.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Pope to Abuser Priests: Turn Yourself in and 'Prepare for Divine Justice'

On Friday, during his traditional Christmas speech, Francis urged priests guilty of sex abuse to give themselves up to civil authorities—and await judgement from God, too.
Alex Norcia
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Somehow, the Catholic Church Is Still Getting Worse

The latest horrific revelations of sexual abuse unpunished show, yet again, that the Church's first tactic is to make excuses and hide.
Alex Norcia
Catholic Church

The U.S. Catholic Church is facing an unprecedented wave of sex abuse investigations

On Wednesday, Virginia became at least the 15th state where officials have announced a plan to investigate sex abuse allegations within the Catholic Church.
Carter Sherman
Catholic Church

Can the Pope Go to Jail?

A new wave of sex scandals and allegations he personally covered for an abusive cardinal have Pope Francis under fire. But is he in trouble?
Alex Norcia
sexual assault

Pennsylvania is trying to loosen sex abuse laws after scathing report on 300 Catholic priests

"We want future victims to know they will always have the force of the criminal law behind them, no matter how long they live."
Carter Sherman
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Against Me! and Talib Kweli Feature on Chelsea Manning Benefit Album

‘Hugs For Chelsea’ aims to raise money for the former soldier, who was released from prison today.
Alex Robert Ross
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Punk Miracles: Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

The Dean tackles records from The Goon Sax, Thurst, Priests, and Let's Eat Grandma.
Robert Christgau

11 Albums You Should Buy on Bandcamp Right Now to Support the ACLU

Bandcamp has pledged to donate 100 percent​ of its profits today to the ACLU, and buddy, have we got some album suggestions for you!
Noisey Staff