Prison Break


This Guy Broke Out of Jail, Got Caught, Then Stole a Cop Car and Escaped Again

One minute, he was cuffed in the back of a squad car. The next, he was driving away in it.
River Donaghey

Prison Escapees Describe How They Did It

"Other inmates attacked the guards. Being of a slightly mellower constitution, I stole an ice cream and went for a walk in the sun."
Nick Chester

I've Broken Out of Jail by Helicopter, Twice

We spoke to Alket Rizai about his escapes, which were remarkably similar to the escape last week by French prisoner Redoine Faid.
Tasos Theofillou
Inside Outsider

A Notorious French Gangster Has Broken Out of Prison in a Chopper

A second successful escape by Redoine Faid.
Mahmood Fazal
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This Guy Broke Out of Prison to Go on a Snack and Booze Run

Guards caught the inmate sneaking back in with Fritos, whiskey, and a homemade feast.
River Donaghey
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Cops Say Repeat Prison Escapee Got Help from a Drone

It was Jimmy Causey's second escape from a maximum-security prison in 12 years.
Allie Conti

In Praise of 'Prison Break' and Dumb TV

Eight years after its finale, 'Prison Break' returns for a limited series that is as unnecessary as it is fun.
Pilot Viruet
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Joyce Mitchell Just Got Sentenced to Up to Seven Years for Helping Two Murderers Escape from Prison

The former New York prison employee who helped Richard Matt and David Sweat escape back in June is going behind bars.
Lauren Messman
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Discussing the Plausibility of Video Game Jailbreak with a Real-Life Escapee

I speak to former prisoner "David" about Mouldy Toof Studios' "The Escapists," to see if the game reflects the reality of trying to slip the clink.
Joe Donnelly
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This Security Video Shows El Chapo Making His Prison Break

New details on the escape keep emerging, but we still don't know how the drug lord essentially commissioned a huge public works project without anyone noticing.
Allie Conti

The 'Nightmare' Manhunt for New York's Escaped Murderers Is Finally Over

Richard Matt, the one with the freakishly enormous dick, may have died while drunk on "grape liquor." His accomplice, David Sweat, was taken into custody after being shot on Sunday.
Allie Conti

These Parkour Experts Break Out of Prisons for a Living

Dan Edwardes runs a team of parkour experts who are paid to test high-security facilities, some of which they've escaped from in as little as 15 seconds.
Abigail Moss