prison food


New Zealand Prisons Installed Almost 200 Slushie Machines Last Year

The leader of the country’s National Party is calling the machines an “extraordinary waste of taxpayers’ money."


These Paintings Capture the First Post-Prison Meals Of Wrongfully Convicted People

Julie Green adds to their repertoire of prison food paintings in a new series that shows the first meal eaten by former prisoners.


This Japanese Pop-Up Restaurant Is Serving the Last Meals of Death Row Inmates

You can dine on a hamburger, a baked potato, a hard-boiled egg, and three shots of Jack Daniels, just like double-murderer Gary Mark Gilmore.


Irish Prison Inmates Snuck In Chinese Takeout Delivery by Drone

The Wheatfield staff has taken a number of steps to prevent Kung Pao chicken (and cocaine or whatever) from being dropped into the rec yard.


One of Bill Cosby's First Meals in Prison Will Include a Serving of Jell-O

On Tuesday, the disgraced actor and comedian was sentenced to three to ten years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.


Prison Mi Goreng Recipe

"It’s not good for you, but nothing that tastes this gangster is."


This Instant Noodle Dish Keeps the Peace in Prison

Mi goreng (often prepared with peanut butter) is the great unifier in Australian prisons.


This Classically Trained Chef Makes Prison Food Taste Less Like Punishment

"I'm sort of a gastronomic social worker."


Only Rich Idiots Eat Lobster Outside of Maine

In Maine, lobster is a way of life. We learn about it in school, friend’s parents are lobstermen, and lobsters were even on goddamn license plates for a few years.


A Chicago Chef Is Rehabilitating Inmates One Pizza at a Time

If you pick up a knife Bruno Abate’s kitchen, you’ll notice that it’s chained to the counter. That is because this culinary school operates in the basement of Division 11 of Cook County Jail in Chicago.


Immigrant Detainees Are Staging a Hunger Strike in Washington

The detainees, many of them facing deportation, claim that the food at Northwest Detention Center is meager and nearly inedible.


Convicted Murderer's Lawsuit Alleges Anti-Semitism Due to Prison Dining Menu

If March’s lawsuit is taken seriously, Tennessee taxpayers might be paying for his new and improved food choices.