prison pit


'Disastra Rebranded,' Today's Comic by Ed Luce

Disastra is a star and now she's got to look the part.


Johnny Ryan Made a Prison Pit Cartoon, and He Hates My Guts

Johnny Ryan's semi-popular comic book saga Prison Pit is an animated movie now. He's been doing comics for VICE for the last 34 years, so we are morally obligated to promote any project he has a hand in.


Johnny Ryan's Chick Tracts

A while back I was looking for a series of things to vandalize and post online for laughs. I started with photos from magazines and wrestling cards, and they were OK, but I wanted something a bit more unique. Then I discovered a few Chick tracts stored...


Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #73

Hi everyone, this week's post is dominated by Johnnys. We have interviews with Johnny Ryan and Jonny Negron, plus an old Jade Stevens 'Jonny Quest' cover with a curvy, sexy lady that gives me a boner.



Girls with tattoos are hot. Sometimes. Tattoos of girls, on the whole, are hot. And therein lies the key to Angelique Houtkamp’s unique niche of painting ladies that look like they are tattoos but aren't.