prison rape


We Can't Fight Rape Culture Without Fighting Mass Incarceration

Incarcerated people are the population most at risk of sexual violence — but their concerns are largely missing from our current cultural moment of reckoning.
Aviva Stahl

A Former Inmate Talks About How Prisons Manufacture Criminals

Prisoners often suffer dehumanizing abuse at the hands of guards and other inmates, and are ill-prepared to get jobs and homes once they're out—is it any wonder so many of them go back to crime?

What New York's Anti-Prison-Rape Videos Get Right and Wrong

New York is showing new inmates videos with tips from prisoners on how to avoid rape. Here's how advocates and experts focused on the prison-industrial complex are reacting.
Eli Hager

Does the US Prison System Expose Transgender Prisoners to Rape?

Last Friday, a district court judge ruled that a former transgender prisoner who was raped had no right to sue Orange County, Florida, for showing deliberate indifference to her safety.
Allie Conti

Is Prison Rape on the Rise?

More prisoners are claiming to be victims of sexual abuse. Whether that's because there's been an increase in rape or an improvement in reporting is unclear, but either way almost no one who rapes an inmate ever gets convicted of a crime.
Charles Davis
Pen Pals

There's No Sex in Prison Showers

The average guy in jail is so scared of homosexuals or people thinking that he might be gay that we all wear our underwear in the shower. We’ve all seen the jail shows and heard the endless “Don’t drop the soap” jokes, but in all the years I was locked...
Bert Burykill