Prison Escapees Describe How They Did It

"Other inmates attacked the guards. Being of a slightly mellower constitution, I stole an ice cream and went for a walk in the sun."
Nick Chester
prison reform

Federal judges are giving out shorter sentences in 30 cities since a key Supreme Court case

The Booker decision gave judges significantly more discretion to issue sentences that are harsher or more lenient than federal guidelines.
Tess Owen
guantanamo bay

Trump finally gave himself permission to fill up Gitmo with "bad dudes"

Trump has set the stage for a wave of new detainees into the controversial military prison.
Josh Marcus

Prisoners Tell Us Their New Year's Resolutions

Despite the bleakness of incarceration, many inmates hope that they can lead better lives in the new year.
Seth Ferranti

What Inmates Want for Christmas

They are looking for more than their freedom this holiday season.
Seth Ferranti

Thousands of inmates are left in Miami's Irma evacuation zone

Taylor Dolven
Last Chance High

Pennsylvania Crime Initiative Works by Helping Former Inmates Get Jobs

Most of us still fail to really grasp how insurmountable the transition can be, but formerly incarcerated people can get help with access to the right resources.
Kastalia Medrano

A New Art Project Asks Inmates to Reflect on Their Lost Freedom

With his new project, photographer Guido Gazzilli asked inmates to open up emotionally and tell their story through pictures.
Niccolò Carradori
The Score

Jóhann Jóhannsson's Uncanny New World

The Icelandic composes tells us about crafting the score for 'Arrival', a unique challenge in a terrifying age.
Keagon Voyce

I Got My Car Fixed in a Polish Prison

Warsaw's Rakowiecka Prison doesn't advertise—since it's one of the best car repair centers in the city, word of mouth is enough to keep the inmates busy.
Ana Zalewska
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How the Military Is Failing Its Guards at Guantánamo Bay

Navy vet Andrew Turner said he suffers from PTSD after the military left him unprepared for the brutal verbal and physical abuse he endured while serving as a high-level guard at the detention center.
VICE Staff
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British Prison Food Is So Bad It’s Causing Riots

According to a new report from HM Inspectorate of Prisons, just 29 percent of inmates describe the meals they receive as "good"—and it's leading to violence.
Phoebe Hurst