Privacy Commissioner


Facebook Broke Canadian Privacy Law, Federal Watchdog Finds

“They told us outright they do not agree with our legal findings,” Canada's privacy commissioner said of Facebook.


Canada Is Pissed Off About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

The privacy commissioner is investigating, and politicians are calling for regulation.


Canada's Privacy Watchdog Is Investigating Equifax

The credit firm still won't say how many Canadians are affected.


The RCMP Has Been Using Surveillance Gear Under an 'Interim' Policy for 6 Years

A new report sheds more light on the use of Stingrays in Canada.


A Canadian Province Is Refusing to Release Pipeline Safety Reports

A July spill caused a Saskatchewan city to shut down its water treatment plant.


There Has Been a 'Sea Change' in Privacy Rights in Canada, Warns Watchdog

Daniel Therrien, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, looked at three pieces of legislation that “taken together, these initiatives have resulted in what can only be described as a sea change for privacy rights in Canada.”


Where Canada's Three Political Parties Stand on Cybersecurity and Surveillance

Each party has finally addressed how their government would handle—or not handle—data breaches, cyberattacks and surveillance run amok.


Support for a New Canadian Anti-Terror Bill Plummets, New Poll Shows

An exclusive VICE poll says Canadians are changing their minds about C-51, a new anti-terrorism bill.


The Canadian Government Keeps Losing BlackBerrys, Cash, and Weapons

Over $350 million worth of the government's property went MIA in 2014—including 11,000 cases of lost or stolen weapons and accessories valued at over $50,000—and much of it will never be recovered.