Private Jet


Someone Please Buy Elvis Presley's Battered Old Private Jet

One of Presley's three private planes—a 1962 Lockheed Jetstar 1329—is up at an online auction. It's faded and broken, but at least it's not too creepy.


Meet the Guy Who Photographs Luxury Planes for the Super Rich

"The Kardashians are very rich, but they're not rich like the rich I deal with. They're paupers in comparison."


'Air Cocaine': Trial Begins for Frenchmen Charged With Smuggling Drugs From the Dominican Republic

Four men have spent 15 months in jail since Dominican customs officials seized 700 kilos of cocaine stashed aboard a French charter jet in 2013.


What $737,000 Gets You At The Most Insane Vegas Nightclubs

Las Vegas is the best city in the world for celebrating nothing else but your own existence.


Ones and Zeros 5/26/11: You Have to Hand It to Science, Ads Have Crossed a Line

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