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Meek Mill Reportedly Sentenced to 2-4 Years in Prison for Parole Violations

The Philadelphia rapper's sentence follows two recent arrests.
Colin Joyce
High Wire

This Woman's Opioid Relapse Could Change Drug Laws Forever

Julie Eldred was ordered to stay sober as a condition of probation after repeatedly stealing to get heroin. She thinks that's unconstitutional—and she's not alone.
Maia Szalavitz

Why the Friendships You Make in Prison Should Stay Behind Bars

In federal prison, you form friendships with gang members, violent men, and a whole slew of drug dealers and users of every variety. What happens after that is sensitive.
Seth Ferranti
sexual assault

High School Student Charged with Rape Avoids Jail Time So He Can Attend College

A Massachusetts high school student and athlete charged with sexually assaulting two unconscious female students was handed a sentence of two years probation and no conviction for two years.
Kimberly Lawson

What It's Like to Get Caught in America's Private Probation Trap

In part two of our investigation into modern debtors' prisons, VICE examines how private probation can land vulnerable people in a cycle of extortion and jail time.
VICE Staff

Jon Jones Once Again Behind Bars as a Result of a Lousy Driving Decision

Why in the world is Jon Jones still driving a car around Albuquerque?
Josh Rosenblatt

US Prison Boss Who Oversaw the Accidental Early Release of 3,200 Inmates Is Now Running Probation Program in the UK

Privatization of probation in the UK means ex-convicts will be in the hands of companies with some pretty questionable records.
Solomon Hughes
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The 'Affluenza Teen' Was Arrested in Mexico

Texas teenager Ethan Couch, famous for evading jail time after killing four people while driving drunk in 2013, was arrested with his mother on Monday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
VICE Staff
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Judge Rules Meek Mill Violated Probation, Can't Work or Perform Until February 5 Sentencing

Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley said that Meek, real name Robert Williams, had ignored probation rules she had set for him, including a travel ban.
Noisey Staff

We Asked Former Inmates What It's Like to Deal with a Parole Officer

"They will tell you what you want to hear so you begin to trust them or think of them as a friend. Then they use what you share with them against you. They work for the government. They're goddamn cops. I have to remember that. I can't be their friend."
Seth Ferranti

Photos of Teenagers' Lives in Limbo Between Incarceration and Freedom

Photographer Zora J. Murff's 'Corrections' chronicles the impact that constant monitoring has on the development of young offenders who have avoided incarceration, but are under probation.
Zora J. Murff
The Off the Deep End Issue

Inside the Absurd Limbo of a Post-Prison Halfway House

One man's story of life in a place that is, in some ways, worse than being locked up.
Eric Borsuk