processed food


A New Report Says Fruit and Vegetables Are Actually Cheaper Than Junk Food

Findings from the Institute of Economic Affairs challenge the widely held belief that healthy diets are expensive.
Daisy Meager

Why Some Argentine Nutritionists Don’t Think Ultra Processed Foods Are That Bad

The World Health Organization recommended South American countries reduce their ultra-processed food consumption. Some Argentine nutritionists disagree.
Meaghan Beatley
Fast Food

How Global Food Prices Led to the Rise of Fast Food

With Western convenience, of course, comes high levels of fat, sugar, and salt.
Nick Rose

A Hospital Is Changing Its Menu After Administrators Ate the Food for a Week

There’s an ongoing debate in health: can hospital food be both tasty and healthy?
Kaleigh Rogers

Here's What Happens When You Keep a Twinkie Lying Around for 40 Years

Despite undergoing some mild discoloration, from bright starchy yellow to a dull gray, the pastry is completely in tact and shows no sign of decomposing anytime soon.
Nick Rose

Fast Food is Full of "Plasticizers" Used for Shower Curtains and Nail Polish

A recent study found a direct link between fast food consumption and a group of chemicals called phthalates, also referred to as plasticizers.
Nick Rose
the military

How the US Army Influences Almost Everything in the Supermarket

I joined Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of <i>Combat-Ready Kitchen</i>, on a tour of a supermarket to examine how the US military has had a hand in just about everything we commonly eat.
Matthew Zuras

Italy’s Prosciutto Industry Is Pissed at the WHO’s Report About Meat’s Health Risks

For some nations, and their endeavoring meat manufacturers, the problem seems to lie not in the report itself, but more in what is actually categorized as “processed meat.”
Alex Swerdloff

This Is the Robotic Chicken Butcher of Our Nightmares

Meet the Gribbot. This automated meat machine might soon be given the precious task of using its carefully calibrated pincers to rip the breast meat from chicken carcasses, phasing out skilled workers at the same time.
Munchies Staff

Why We're All Eating Pigs That Eat Fish That Eat Hens That Eat Fish That Eat Pigs

If there's one thing that makes the British peerless among their European counterparts, it's their noble history of feeding industrially reared animals the reconstituted carcasses of their animal cousins.
Nell Frizzell