Now That You Can Trademark Swear Words, Here Are All the Wildest NSFW Requests

A Supreme Court ruling on vulgar trademarks is making space for new, profane ventures, from "A$$RICH" to "Bitchigan."


Leaked manuals show how Facebook decides if you see nudity or death

Leaked manuals show exactly how Facebook's 4,500 content moderators are trained to manually filter out extreme racism, misogyny, violence, pornography and other content deemed too disturbing for wider human consumption.


Sex, Drugs, Nails: Talking to Lenny Dykstra About His Wild, Reckless Ride Through Life

Lenny Dykstra played the game hard on the field, and played dangerously hard off it. He wound up in prison for it, but his new memoir isn't about regrets.


How 'Dirty' Words Got Dirty

Want to know who the original Dick is? We sure did.


Fuckers Who Curse a Lot Aren't Stupid, Says Science

A new study shows that douchebags who know more profanities tend to have better vocabularies overall.


The Weird-Ass Use of 'Ass' to Beef Up Our Adjectives

Is someone working on “beef up” as a thing?


Queer Christ: A Primer on LGBT Theology

The new queer theology movement––spearheaded by a trans* priest and a radical Biblical interpreter––is reinventing the missionary position.


Bent-Con Is a Comic Convention for Gay Nerds

The most interesting thing for me at this annual LA LGBT meet up was (no surprise) the plumbing. There were comic book drawings of hyper-muscular red-skinned devils showing off their meat, a guy dressed as Cyclops from the X-Men shaking his butt, and...


The Un-Science of Radionics

To get a handle on a controversial, discredited, and generally bizarre medical technology called radionics, here’s a story about me as a horny teenager.


Fap for Freedom

There’s been a handful of masturbation stories in the news lately, mostly pointing to our shared anxieties about freedom and porno. After all, censoring porn is a testing ground for widespread censorship, and regulating masturbation is a testing ground...


Kirk Cameron Wrote the Bible

You may think you know how gross Kirk Cameron is, but unless you saw his latest "movie," Unstoppable, which was broadcast as part of a live event, you have no idea.