Iran's Most Famous Monument Briefly Became a Tribute to Windows 7

Video footage from Tehran shows a 150-foot projection of the Windows 7 desktop on Iran's Azadi Tower.


It's a 'Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine' !

Give your words an extra kick with Neil Mendoza's curious contraption.


3D-Printed Zoetropes Use Light to Bring Figures to Life

Japanese media artist Akinori Goto's translucent sculptures propel an early animation tool into the future.


Filmmaker Bends Reality in an Experimental Animated/Live Action Short

It's hard to separate the real from the fabricated in Jesse Collett's mind-bending 'Boom Is Life.'


Forget Gemstones, This High Tech Necklace Is Made of Light

Billed as "the first projection-based interactive necklace," NECLUMI might make jewelry a lot more futuristic.


We Talked To The Artist Turning E-Waste Into Projected Star Maps

With "Project Project," Julia Christensen transforms old tech into projectors through which she beams animations of obsolete constellations.


Projected Gaming System Makes Your Living Room Into A Screen And A Controller

Researchers have basically made the game from 'Her' into a reality.


Dazzle Camouflage Hides Corporate Logos In Optical Illusions

Multimedia artist Vandana Jain digs up a WWI-era technique to camouflage the corporate logos in new installation, "Dazzle Ships".


Interactive Light Display Turns Floor Of Moroccan Church Into "Magic Carpets"

The majesty of "Arabian Nights" comes to life in this massive, reactive 2D projection.


"Projectors" Turns 8mm Cameras Into An Industrial Symphony

Martin Messier uses both analog and digital projection technologies to make an unconventional orchestra.


Project Your Art At BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) Tonight At The Autumn Bowl

Nuit Blanche NY hosts a collaborative art gathering to bring together artists and spectators.