Farro and Asparagus Risotto Recipe

A risotto for springtime, with a bit more bite.
Amanda Catrini
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This Fake Italian Deli Meat May Be a Poser, But So Am I

Mass-produced prosciutto might be a little tacky, a little fake, a little gauche. But to me, it tastes like love.
Sophie Kemp

This Guy Gets Paid Thousands of Dollars to Slice Ham

Spanish cortador de jamones Florencio Sanchidrián has cut ham for everyone from the King of Spain to Robert De Niro, and considers himself an ambassador for his country’s Iberian ham.
Gareth May

This Fancy Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Is on Your Table in 30 Minutes

This chicken saltimbocca from NYC's King will be your new weeknight go-to.
Danielle Wayda

Veal Cordon Bleu Recipe

Chakuza has perfected this veal Cordon bleu with cucumber sesame salad, yogurt dip with chives, and Syrian potato salad.
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Make This Easy Veal Cordon Bleu and Feel Fancy AF

Sometimes you come home and stare at the fridge, wondering what to make for dinner. And it’s in times like these that you need to take the sage advice of a German rapper.
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Pizza Can't Stop, Won't Stop Being America's Favorite Food

Americans are scarfing down a slice of pie four times a month, up from 3.4 two years ago, due in large part to chefs and pizzaiole pushing culinary boundaries on the blank canvas of pizza dough.
Nick Rose

Italy’s Prosciutto Industry Is Pissed at the WHO’s Report About Meat’s Health Risks

For some nations, and their endeavoring meat manufacturers, the problem seems to lie not in the report itself, but more in what is actually categorized as “processed meat.”
Alex Swerdloff
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Michael Pollan: Children Of The Corn

Michael Pollan is one of the foremost food and plant experts in America. He wrote The Botany of Desire a few years ago, he teaches about food, plants, and biodiversity at the University of California, Berkeley.
VICE Staff