Proud Boys


Far-Right and Antifa Showdown Drew Over 1,000 Protesters

Thirteen people were arrested and police declared a “civil disturbance,” but there were relatively few skirmishes.


Hundreds of Far-Right Protestors and Antifa Activists Face Off in Portland

Portland has seen clashes between antifa, riot cops, and far-right groups like the Proud Boys before.


Ted Cruz Is Trying to Call Antifa a Domestic Terror Group. Here's Why it Won't Work

There’s no domestic system to do this — even organizations like the KKK are instead described as “hate groups.”


The Alt-Right’s Love Affair with Trump Is Over. Here’s Why.

During the “Salute to America,” the alt-right was discussing “The Little Mermaid.”


Ted Cruz Thinks the Portland Mayor Let Antifa Take Over His City. Here's What Really Happened.

A right-wing blogger who spreads conspiracy theories ended up injured and hospitalized.


Supporting hate groups like the Proud Boys got far-right leader Tommy Robinson kicked off Facebook

Facebook and Instagram’s decision follows Twitter, which permanently banned him in March 2018.


The Proud Boys' new leader was sitting right behind Trump at his Miami rally

He was wearing a "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong" T-shirt.


Besides James Fields, here are 10 other hate and extremism cases to know about this week

The high-profile trial of neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. has been getting all the attention this week.


Gritty-inspired protesters just chased a right-wing rally out of Philly

A rag-tag group of a few dozen right wing activists, Trump supporters, and Proud Boys gathered in Philadelphia. Gritty was there to meet them.


Facebook has started kicking Proud Boys off the site

Facebook has started removing pages linked to the Proud Boys, the fascist street gang tied to numerous instances of political violence in recent months.


NYPD arrests 14 Jewish protesters outside Republican club where Proud Boys brawled

Protesters were blocking the doors to the club and started a hashtag to #EndWhiteNationalism


The NYPD is still rounding up Proud Boys over violent Manhattan brawl

That brings the total number of arrests to five.