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There Is Now 'Fortnite' Porn if You Want to Masturbate to That

Called—wait for it—'Fortnut.'
Alex Norcia
Desus & Mero

This Mom Destroyed Her Son's PS4 Controller and His Heart

Word to the wise: Don't piss off your parents.
Sarah Bellman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Here’s What You Need to Know About Sony’s New PS4 Pro

No longer the "Neo," Sony's new, not-quite-next-gen console is out in November 2016.
Mike Diver

'No Man's Sky' Is the Stress Reliever I Didn't Know I Needed

Because the game is massive in scope, the editors of VICE Gaming are starting a week-long series of dispatches sharing our first impressions of what it's like to play the game.
Austin Walker

Report: Sony to Reveal Upgraded PlayStation 4 in September

Sony is reportedly putting together a "technical showcase" as part of an event to unveil an upgraded PlayStation 4.
Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker

​‘No Man’s Sky’ Isn’t Out Until Next Week, But This Guy May Have Already Beaten It

A player with a leaked copy of 'No Man's Sky' reached the center of the galaxy in 30 hours. But why are we so obsessed with the game's length?
Austin Walker

Why ‘Furi’ Is the First Essential PlayStation Plus ‘Free’ Game Since ‘Rocket League’

PS Plus gets criticized for a lack of triple-A games, but those complaining are missing the point. It's best seen as a home for indie gems like this one.
Richard Wakeling

Here’s What to Play on Your PS4 Now That ‘No Man’s Sky’ Is Delayed

The sci-fi epic from Hello Games has, apparently, moved back in the release schedule. But don't bemoan the delay—start playing these other games, instead.
Mike Diver

Glitch Video Game Nightmares Can Be Beautiful [Music Video]

Sam Rolfes' video for Amnesia Scanner's "AS Chingy" makes no sense, but it's awesome.
Beckett Mufson
VICE vs Video games

Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima Has Left Konami to Launch an Independent Studio

Hideo Kojima's next project will be a PlayStation exclusive, dealing another blow to Xbox's chances of catching Sony's console.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Why You Should Really Be Playing ‘Rocket League’

This soccer-meets-a-demolition-derby game has been downloaded 2 million times, so what are you waiting for?
Mike Diver

Play the Award-Winning Video Game Preserving Alaska Native Folklore

Traditional Alaska Native stories get preserved as a puzzle-platformer in the Games For Change “Game of the Year” award-winning 'Never Alone.'
Eli Bierman