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Trump Healthcare Appointee: Opiates Are Proof God Exists

John Fleming, a new Health and Human Services deputy, wrote a book that is pretty crazy!
Eve Peyser

I Took My Dog to Pet Reiki

There is no evidence to support reiki as an effective form of treatment for...anything. So instead of trying it out myself, I took my dog to try out pet reiki.
Allegra Ringo

A/V Installation Re-Imagines The Universe As A Sonic Solar System

Inspired by Plato's theory that each planet has its own unique sonic tone, "Timée" strives to create "new music of the spheres."
Zach Sokol

This British Engineer Claims He's Discovered the Secret to Unlimited Clean Energy

People have been trying to create perpetual motion machines for hundreds, even thousands, of years, but they've all been failures or hoaxes because perpetual motion is impossible. But an Englishman named John Collins thinks he's got the problem pretty...
Alex Horne

I Went to a Support Group for British Alien Abductees

“The Queen isn’t a lizard—it’s not that simple.”
Alex Horne

Photo Series Constructs Symmetrical Faces To Test Traditional Notions Of Beauty

Photographer Alex John Beck's new photo series proves that perfect facial symmetry isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Emerson Rosenthal
Here Be Dragons

If You Think You Can Survive on 'Junk Food and Cigarettes,' You're an Idiot

<i>The Daily Mail</i> has been trailing a new book this week by "leading science writer" Tony Edwards. The first extract from the book gave the paper a valuable opportunity to address the important question of whether red wine causes or cures cancer.
Martin Robbins

Fap for Freedom

There’s been a handful of masturbation stories in the news lately, mostly pointing to our shared anxieties about freedom and porno. After all, censoring porn is a testing ground for widespread censorship, and regulating masturbation is a testing ground...
Conner Habib