It's Not Aliens

Atlantis, Aliens, and Time Warps: The Enduring Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Rogue waves could be responsible for some of the region’s most notorious vanishings, but that won't stop rumors about Atlantis, aliens, and time warps.
Becky Ferreira
You're Smarter Than That

Why It's So Easy for Athletes to Buy Into Junk Science

From Phiten necklaces to magic underpants, there's always a product promising to give you an edge.
Nicole Wetsman

Does Cryotherapy Actually Help Your Muscles Recover?

There’s hardly any evidence that freezing your body helps muscles recover.
K. Aleisha Fetters

A Wellness Blogger Who Lied About Having Cancer Has Been Fined $322,000

Belle Gibson admitted in 2015 that it was all bull.
Kaleigh Rogers

A Quarter of Scientific Findings May Be Hype

Blame the research-industrial complex.
Jesse Hicks
you've been gooped

There's Now a Formal Complaint Against Goop's Unproven Health Claims

An advertising watchdog group is taking on Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle site.
Susan Rinkunas
Fighting Words

Wellness Is Mostly an Expensive Fantasy

"If it requires moon dust and dropping a grand a week at Whole Foods, it's out of reach."
Shayla Love
snake oil

The New Head of the CDC Once Promoted Anti-Aging Quackery

It's the kind of stuff you typically see former sitcom stars hawking.
Jesse Hicks
Don't Eat This

Viral Livestream Poisoning Highlights the Risks of Wellness Trends

Natural does not always mean healthy.
Kaleigh Rogers
You're Smarter Than That

Watch Stephen Colbert Put Goop in its Place

“I hope that GP stands for general practitioner, because there really should be a doctor present when you stick rocks up your hoo-ha.”
Ed Cara
Go Goop Yourself

A Former Naturopath Told Us How She Sold a Detox Scam

Britt Hermes is a former naturopath who recently blogged about how easy it was to convince people to buy unnecessary detox regimens.
Kaleigh Rogers
How Not to Die

Stem Cell Clinics Are Ruining People's Lives

Patients are promised revolutionary therapy, only to find they’ve wasted their money—or worse.
Jesse Hicks