Korean Women Are Starving Themselves to Afford a Cup of Coffee

South Korea has gone mad for Starbucks, whose coffee is considered a status symbol: Its capital, Seoul, has the most locations of the chain of any city in the world.


Great Moments in Umpiring History

What's funnier than an umpire saying "Gangnam Style"? That's right: NOTHING


A Guy Who Looks Like Psy Is Scamming Rich European Kids for Free Drinks

Almost two years later, people are still well-aware of the obnoxious "Gangnam Style" phenomenon, and a French-Korean guy named Denis Carre can still go to any posh party he wants to and get free drinks just because he looks like Psy.


Oh, God Damn it: That Kid from the "Gangnam Style" Video is Making Music Now

He's going by "Little Psy," because duh.


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How Do You Make the Best Gangnam Style Remix Video? Take Out the Music

Loathe would we be to give that music video – the one that’s about to be the most watched video on YouTube ever – or any number of its remixes, another mention. This is not that


Here Come the Gangnam Robots

At last weekend's Beijing's College Student Robotics Competition, some 300 people from 99 teams from across China and Taiwan "showed off robots": that could play five-a-side...