psych ward


On Not Dying but Not Living: Insights from the Psych Ward

The hospital is not where you go to figure out how to live. It's where you go to not die.


Rereading the Journal I Kept in a Psych Ward as a Teen Taught Me I Have Never Been in the Mood for Bitches

"Ralph looks like a gopher. This place sucks. I might as well be burned on a pitchfork."


Doofus Gets Thrown in the Looney Bin

Doofus has finally found himself in the psych ward. This has been a long time coming.


Dear VICE: Hi From the East Wing of the Psych Ward

I’ve headbutted a cop and got away with it, made a ‘hate rap’, some mad friends, and moved rooms near to four times now. I got a coffee thrown at me today in group/lifestyle therapy by a Freedom Fighter with Tourette’s. She told me Jesus Christ never...