People Tell Us the Most Desperate Stuff They've Done in Breakups

"I climbed through a window into his room and left a poem I had written on his bed."
VICE Staff

The Films That Traumatized Us as Children

"I literally shit my pants. And that was the last time I would ever shit my pants."
Marianne Eloise

The Gruesome History of Fake Blood in Hollywood

A recipe for stage blood has been required for centuries, and several different recipes developed over the years as productions moved from the stage to film to television and now to high-definition, computer-generated sources of entertainment.
Alex Swerdloff
lit up

I Just Said Yes to All the Drugs in 'Fallout 4'

There's really no reason not to be constantly wasted in the wasteland.
Emanuel Maiberg

'Exorcist’ Director William Friedkin Told Us Why the Film Is Such a Classic

We also talked about realism, lapsed Catholicism, and why he doesn't like "The Shining."
Adrian Van Young
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Noisey Presents Keith Ape Live in New York: Celebrate with a New Song, "Psycho" Feat. Robb Bank$

The first song in the "The Savage Haring Gallery" series sounds like the apocalypse. Come see what that looks like live at Webster Hall.
Noisey Staff

Why Did a Long Island Man Cut Off His Mom's Head?

What drives a 35-year-old to decapitate his own mother and then jump in front of an oncoming train?
John Surico

How Good Is Hollywood at Portraying Mental Illness?

Not great, says psychologist and film buff Danny Wedding.
Jules Suzdaltsev
The VICE Guide to Europe 2014

The VICE Guide to Barcelona 2014

Here's how not to be yet another fucking tourist while you're being a tourist in the Miami on the Med.
VICE Staff
A Few Impressions

Psycho, Psycho, Psycho

The story of Psycho began with Ed Gein, a real dude who lived in Wisconsin in the 50s. Gein was a sick bastard who liked going to the cemetery and digging up women whom he thought looked like his mother. But what is still vital about Psycho...
James Franco