'Observer' Is the Dark Cyberpunk We Deserve in 2017

In 2017, cyberpunk should be this depressing.


Dilma Rousseff is no longer Brazil's president

The Brazilian senate’s vote to impeach the country’s first female president for breaking budgetary laws comes amid a wider political crisis over corruption, and a deep economic recession.


Dilma Rousseff: Impeachment trial has 'bitter taste' of torture

Brazil’s suspended president mounted a defiant and emotional defense of her presidency on Monday during the senate impeachment trial that is due to decide whether to oust her for good.


This Could Be Dilma Rousseff's Final Day In Office as Brazil's President

Brazil's senate has opened the session in which senators are expected to vote to impeach Rousseff, the country’s first female president, for allegedly manipulating the national accounts.


President Rousseff Is Bringing Back Lula as She Fights Impeachment and He Fights Arrest

Lula will become Rousseff’s chief of staff as Brazil’s political crisis appears to be reaching a head. His new job will also provide temporary protection from arrest on corruption charges.


A Guide to Video Gaming's Biggest Dickheads

Dickheads are everywhere. And that means there are plenty of them in games. Let's talk shit about a few of them.


‘Resident Evil,' 20 Years Later: Flawed, Formulaic, but Still a Fearsome Horror Original

Capcom's survival horror followed video gaming logic, but it also subverted expectations, keeping the player thinking anything could happen.


The Most Terrifying Games Let Players Create Their Own Fear

'Allison Road,' an upcoming first-person narrative survival horror game, seeks to lock players in their heads with no discernible way out.


Saving 'P.T.'

Konami wants the short horror game to disappear, but fans won't let it.


Are We About to Live Through a ‘Lost Age’ of Video Gaming?

With many games distributed digitally, not stored on a shareable physical medium, and with publishers patching and deleting code as they go, favorites are being lost forever.


Lamenting the Loss of ‘Silent Hills’ and ‘P.T.’

Own a PS4 but not "P.T."? Get it now before it disappears, perhaps forever.


Here's Why Everyone Is So Pissed at Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Wracked by scandal, President Rousseff unveiled a package of anti-corruption measures on Wednesday as her approval rating plummeted to an all-time low.