After PayPal Ban, Men’s Rights Activist Roosh V Shuts Down His Site

After being deplatformed, controversial figures like Roosh Valizadeh and Alex Jones are struggling to make ends meet.


Men Are Still Spending Obscene Amounts of Money to Become Pick-Up Artists

For "Seduction," the first book-length study of PUAs, Dr. Rachel O'Neill trailed coaches and their clients to illuminate an industry that has fallen out of the public eye.


PlayStation Won’t Publish ‘Super Seducer’ Pick-Up Artist Game After All

The game launched on Steam today, as planned.


Putting This PUA Game On PlayStation and Steam Normalizes Stalker Behavior

'Super Seducer,' a game about stalking and harassing women using pick-up artist tactics, is set to release next month on Steam and PlayStation.


New 'Pick-Up Artist' Video Game Teaches Men How to Be Creeps

'Super Seducer' teaches men that women are NPCs they can win by playing a game.


I Had a Threesome with My Boyfriend and the Girl He Was Cheating on Me with

She looks at me and says, “Is it okay if I kiss your boyfriend now?” My gut is twisting, and I can’t really look, but I also have to look.


Pick-Up Artists Don't Understand What 'Alpha' Even Means—As Evidenced by Wolves

MRAs and pick-up artists love using animal-related tactics to hit on women. We met up with some actual wolves and animal experts to find out exactly how men are wrong about everything, including this.


Incredible Dickheads & Where to Find Them: A Review of Books on Picking Up Women

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An Exclusive Tour of 'Neomasculinity' Blogger Roosh V.'s Mom's Basement

Like his movement, this article is a joke.


Militant Misogynist Roosh V Makes It to Canada, Gets Beer Thrown in His Face

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How Canadian Women Fought Back Against a Pickup Artist Who Was Secretly Filming Them

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