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Remember Crabs? Turns Out They Didn't Disappear Along With Our Pubes

When pubic hair became less fashionable, so did talking about crabs—but they're just as common as they've ever been.


People Told Us the Dumbest Ways They Ever Hurt Themselves in Six Words

“Cut penis while trimming pubic hair.”


Everything You Need to Know About Crabs

The microscopic crab louse may be in decline, but it’s hardly gone.


One in Four People Have Hurt Themselves From Grooming Their Pubes

And almost 10 percent of people who got hurt developed an infection.


How and Why Pubic Hair Is Back in Porn

Will the mainstream follow porn? Or is porn following the mainstream?


People Who Remove Pubic Hair Are More Likely to Get an STI

A new study finds that people who frequently groom their pubic hair are more likely to have contact-based STIs like herpes.


Nope. Shaving Your Pubes Probably Won't Give You an STI.

Don't let misleading headlines scare you.


Women Shave Their Pubes for Sex and Vacations

A new study shines light on women's nether-region grooming habits.


Women Explain How They Groom Their Pubes

While women often discuss whether they trim, shave, or go full bush before sex, another area causes pube-related anxiety: the doctor's office. We asked women about how they dealt with their pubic hair before an abortion, labor, and checkups.


The Prickly History of Pubes in Porn

Although recent debates about the disturbing lack of pubic hair in pornography have centered around contemporary feminism, women have been trimming their hedges for centuries.


Australian Doctors Have New Guidelines for Handling Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery Requests

They're a response to a growing number of Australian women wanting to change the structure and appearance of their healthy vaginas.


What the Hell Is a 'Hot Feminist'?

A new book released today suggests that there are still hidden traps for any feminist who likes pink, being thin, fashion, getting her muff waxed, and boys. It's nonsense.