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Artists Turned This Neighborhood into Springfield from 'The Simpsons'

"Sprayfield" seeks to reclaim public spaces and foster a greater sense of community in a low-income neighborhood in Mexico City.
José Luis Martínez Limón

This Artist Took Over an Entire City Block to Build an African Bead Museum

Olayami Dabls opened the MBad African Bead Museum in Detroit to connect black Americans with African history and culture.
Antwaun Sargent

Striking Portraits Pay Tribute to Mexico's Murdered Women

“No Estamos Todas” honors the women whose lives were lost to femicide in Mexico.
Cynthia Arvide
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These Buildings Were Too Sexy for the Louvre

The work apparently symbolizes "the power of humanity over the world" and was set to be installed right next to a playground.
Drew Schwartz

Massive Murals Are Popping Up Around Detroit

What role will art play in Detroit’s future?
Antwaun Sargent
street art

A Dutch Street Artist Crowdsourced This Vibrant Mural

Munir de Vries interviewed locals to gather ideas for a towering, Fauvism-inspired work of street art.
Diana Shi
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Marble Sculpture Swallows Car in New Atlanta Public Artwork

'Autoeater' comments on the city’s “relationship with the automobile in the context of one of the city’s most walkable urban districts,” according to Midtown Alliance.
Nathaniel Ainley
street art

Rainbow Animals Roar Across Geometric Street Art Murals

Arlin Graff's polar bears and oversized hummingbirds take over urban centers.
Diana Shi
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2 BFFS Gave This Club a Sick Graffiti Makeover

Olga and m05k developed a friendship that would carry them through a fruitful collaboration.
Diana Shi
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Get Sudsed Up by Chicago's Foam-Spewing Sculpture

Roger Hiorns’s soapy installation looks ridiculously fun.
B. David Zarley
feminist art

New York Billboards Become Platforms for Feminist Art

SaveArtSpace reclaims advertising for the female gaze.
Francesca Capossela
50 states of art

Interactive Public Art Meets Affordable Housing in Casper, WY

Artist Matthew Dehaemers’ giant sundial links Casper, Wyoming’s geological past with its sustainable future.
DJ Pangburn