public records


‘Mutant Rabbit’ Lost By University of Michigan Laboratory, FOIA Docs Show

The University of Michigan was home to a series of animal deaths in 2018.
Sarah Emerson
Predictive Policing

Dozens of Cities Have Secretly Experimented With Predictive Policing Software

Documents obtained by Motherboard using public information requests verify previously unconfirmed police department contracts with predictive policing company PredPol.
Caroline Haskins
future of flight

Uber Asked LA Mayor to Vouch for the Safety of its Still-Hypothetical Flying Taxis

A confidential FAQ that Uber sent Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti contains unprovable claims about its eVTOL technology.
Sarah Emerson

'Nature' Editorial Juxtaposes FOIA Email Release With Illegal Hacking

One of science's most important publications assumes science journalists don't know how to do their jobs.
Jason Koebler & Sarah Emerson

Google Tells City ‘Local Adolescents’ Are Throwing its Bikes Into a Mountain View Creek

Mountain View public records show Google asked for help in retrieving its abandoned bikes from Stevens Creek.
Sarah Emerson

Philly Cops Send Unhelpful Response to Public Records Request on Fake Google Car

The department sent us back a copy of our own email.
Joseph Cox
Crime & Drugs

The FDA told the DEA whether pot is medicine — but it won't tell the public

While the DEA and FDA decide whether the US government will continue to classify marijuana alongside heroin, the agencies are keeping the deliberations a secret.
Keegan Hamilton

City of Seattle Releases Documents, Then Court Orders Them Wiped from the Web

It looks like the city made a mistake, yet private citizens are getting sued.
Joseph Cox

It's Still Way Too Easy for Government Employees to Hide Official Conversations

Requests for government records have long been foiled by the use of BlackBerries and instant messaging apps, and personal email accounts.
Matthew Braga

'This Is Similar to the Way Jesus Was Treated': Letters to Missouri Governor Shed Light on Racial Tensions in Ferguson Aftermath

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's office was flooded with thousands of highly charged emails and letters from people around the world following Michael Brown's shooting.
Jason Leopold

Ferguson Officials Aren't Telling You What Happened to Mike Brown

Police and city officials have made it extremely difficult for anyone to access public records concerning Brown's death and the harsh response to protesters.
Alice Speri and Jason Leopold