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Was the 'Rick and Morty' Szechuan Sauce Shortage a False Flag Planned By McDonald’s?

If you know more about yesterday’s McNugget-related debacle, please tell us.


PR People Are Failing Right Now

A veteran public relations officer told us why United Airlines, Sean Spicer, and Pepsi should have known better.


United CEO Now Wants a Review of 'Horrific' Plane Incident

Oscar Munoz said the airline will mount an investigation into how and why a passenger was literally dragged off one of its planes.


How to Recover From a Major Screwup

A persuasion expert shows you how to apologize—without having to say you're sorry.


Why a Women’s Strike in the Music Industry Is Much Gutsier Than it Seems

An interview with publicist and business owner Judy Miller Silverman about women in the music industry and her decision to go on strike.


Congress Used Dying Kids and Slick PR to Sell America a Handout to Big Pharma

The 21st Century Cures Act was passed thanks to an army of lobbyists and a PR campaign that preyed on dying children who are unlikely to benefit from it.


Microsoft's ChatBot Returned, Said She Smoked Weed in Front of the Cops, and Then Spun Out

The bot, named "Tay," was taken down by the tech giant last Friday after she took to Twitter in a vitriolic, racist tirade. It didn't take long for Tay to run wild again.


Why Should We Believe Greg Johnson, Peyton Manning's Long-Lost Star Witness?

In a report published yesterday on MMQB, the frankly bizarre emergence of a new witness after 20 years of silence is quickly abandoned in favor of talking about Manning's accuser, Jamie Naughright.


The NFL Staged a Completely Worthless Chat on Twitter About Safety

This is classic NFL PR: worthless, weird, unconvincing, and hilariously transparent.


Indiana Governor Under Fire for Creating State-Sponsored 'News Outlet'

Indiana Governor Mike Pence plans to establish a "news outlet" in the statehouse — to be filled with content written by taxpayer-funded press secretaries.


I Tried to Test Fly a Drone and Ended Up Lost in the Desert Alone

Also, the Hexo+ drone crashed and broke immediately.


Examining Chinese Censorship in Australia

Australia's Chinese-language newspapers rarely mention protests, human rights, or anything political. Why is this, and does it matter?