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The Guy Behind This $2,400 Egg-Shaped Capsule Says It Will Save Us During Deadly Earthquakes

Meant to withstand violent impacts, Mexican engineer Reynaldo Vela’s personal protection pods take prehistoric design cues and are part of a broader trend in disaster capitalism.


Who Killed the Smart Gun?

Watch Motherboard's new documentary.


Why Women Could Be the Key to Uber’s Success in Argentina

Newly decriminalized in Buenos Aires, Uber may benefit from the bad reputation that traditional taxis have with women.


Useless Airport Sniffer Dogs Are Only Finding Cheese and Sausage in Passengers' Luggage

The six sniffer dogs at the Manchester airport didn’t make a single Class A drug bust from November 2014 to June 2015, and were apparently too preoccupied by all the delicious food smells emanating from passengers’ snack-packed bags.


A Texas Town with Corrupt City Officials Now Has Black Tap Water

As if shit weren’t already hitting the fan in Crystal City, Texas, they’re only getting worse for the small town, which now has black tar-like stuff coming out of the city water system.


I'll Register My Drone When You Have to Register Your Gun

The apparent contrast in national priorities is disheartening.


Toronto Taxi Drivers Are Comparing Uber to ISIS And Hanging on to Moving Vehicles in Protest

Canadian cabbies really, really don't like the ride-sharing company.


Millions of Cheap Cell Phones Don't Get Emergency Alerts

The issue is the newest target of digital divide activists.


It's Still Pretty Easy to Break into Airports in America

An investigation by the Associated Press uncovered five instances where intruders actually made it onto airplanes.


Why Do Bangladeshi Writers Keep Getting Murdered?

Bangladesh has never been an especially safe place for opposition writers, but things have begun spiraling out of control over the last two years.


Does New York Need a Public Terrorist Registry?

Forget a repeat sex offender—you may have an Islamic State sympathizer living nearby!