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I Doubled My Public School Teacher’s Salary in 10 Years

To finally be compensated not just in warm fuzzies but in an actual denomination that pays the bills is incredible.
She Picks Up Pennies

Teachers Share Their Concerns About Education Politics in the US

Wages are low, policies and rhetoric are frustrating, but America's teachers are undeterred.
Molly Bangs

Teachers Shape the Next Generation, But Can They Live Off Their Salaries?

Wages are low, policies and rhetoric are frustrating, but America's teachers are undeterred.
Molly Bangs

A Public School Science Teacher Tells You Why Betsy DeVos Is a Disaster

The new Secretary of Education is bad for my classroom.
Christine Garrard
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Watch Protesters Give Betsy DeVos the Cersei Lannister Treatment in DC

Shame! Shame! Shame!
Lauren Messman
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DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary, Now Free to Destroy Public Schools

The vote to confirm billionaire Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education was split 50-50 this afternoon, leaving the decision up to Vice President Mike Pence, who broke the tie.
Amanda Arnold
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The US States Prohibiting the Discussion of Abortion in High Schools

While some states include accurate abortion information in high school sex education programs, the majority of states do not mandate that schools address the topic—and some even ban discussion or teach that abortion is murder.
Amanda Arnold
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Portland's Public Schools Are Throwing Out Books That Deny Climate Change

The Oregon city's school board has decided that climate change isn't a two-sided argument.
Helen Donahue

New Orleans's Charter School Experiment Is a Preview of the Coming Battle Over Education

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans's struggling public school system was dismantled and replaced mostly by charter schools—and what happened next shows the benefits and perils of other cities following suit.
Peter Moskowitz

What Do British Teachers Think About the Controversy Over Face Veils in Schools?

UK schools have considered banning face coverings, but teachers we spoke to said very few girls are wearing them in the first place.
Samira Shackle

A French School Made Its Muslim and Jewish Students Wear ID Tags At Lunchtime

School cafeterias—at least for the most part—are pretty damn grim affairs. But one French school in the wine-loving region of Burgundy is taking its school lunches to heretofore-unseen levels of dread and desolation.
Alex Swerdloff

Chicago’s Public Schools Spent Millions on Catered Food But Don’t Know Who Ate It

Chicago's strapped-for-cash public schools have been blowing millions on sandwiches and pizza for office lunches without keeping track of who's spending.
Alex Swerdloff