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Paris's New Super Public Urinals Are Tearing the City Apart

The whole city is pretty pissed.
Drew Schwartz
the mta

A Man Peed on a Woman's Face in the Subway

I've lived in New York City my whole life, and this is my actual worst nightmare.
Eve Peyser

Belgian Soccer Player Takes Piss Behind Goal While His Team Scores with 10 Men

Sometimes you gotta go when you gotta go.
Sean Newell

This Gainesville Lawyer Wants to Defend You for All the Dumb Shit You Did at Fest

He plastered flyers all over town. Just in case you get caught with an open container or urinating in public.
Romain Jeanticou
The VICE Guide to Right Now

San Francisco Is Fighting Public Urination with Pee-Proof Paint

The paint is specially made to deflect liquid, which means that anyone who dares pee on painted surfaces will get a brutal mist of piss ricocheting back at them.
River Donaghey

NYC City Council Speaker Wants Cops to Stop Arresting People for Petty BS

Melissa Mark-Viverito plans to decriminalize seven minor offenses, meaning you'd get a ticket instead of a court summons for drinking in public or pissing in an alley.
John Surico

The Chinese Government Is Creating a Database to Shame Naughty Tourists

It's a dystopian solution to international complaints against Chinese tourists for spitting in the streets, yelling in restaurants, fighting in public, and otherwise disrespecting local customs and laws.
Mark Hay

California Has Realized That Sex Offender Registries Don't Work

The database is too big to be helpful. The new recommendation is that only violent offenders be compelled to register for life. Legislators meanwhile are afraid of appearing soft, and don't want to "intellectualize" the issue.
Mike Pearl

Pissing Teen Prompts Portland to Dump 38m Gallons of Water

After a teen took a whiz in a reservoir, Portland will flush 38 million gallons.
Olivia Becker

Rob Ford Gave a Deranged Press Conference Yesterday

Toronto's embattled mayor held a press conference that was supposed to be about skating rinks, but it quickly devolved into reporters asking Rob Ford about urinating in public, racist accents, and his driver getting arrested for extortion.
Patrick McGuire