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A Beginner's Guide to Making Zines

Every step of how to make tiny books, from coming up with what you want to say to stapling your finished product into existence.
Sarah Burke
Ink Spots

'Office' Magazine Is Full of Art, Fashion, and Magic City Strippers

"It doesn't matter whether you like it or not, just as long as you can't help having an opinion about it... That's 'Office.'"
Amelia Abraham

This Newspaper Is Written by Refugees, for Refugees

"My personal aim," the co-founder of the publication told VICE, "is to make Daily Resistance the most feared newspaper in Germany, then the most feared newspaper in Europe, and eventually the most feared newspaper in the world."
Natasha Sultan
Ink Spots

'Chomp' Magazine Offers a Queer Look at Japanese Street Culture

Like the famous gay magazine Butt, Chomp places erotic photographs of dudes (but also skaters) alongside personal profiles and interviews.
Amelia Abraham
Ink Spots

'Foundations' Magazine Spotlights On-Point Artists Before They Blow Up

We spoke with the founders of Foundations, a biannual arts magazine that always gives you something fresh to talk about.
Zach Sokol

Vestoj Proves Fashion and Academia Don't Clash

We talked to Editor-in-Chief, Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, about fashion's most critical journal's unique approach, the state of the industry, and the future of the publication.
Andrew Nunes

A Danish Newspaper Rated Black Celebrities on a Scale of Evil and Integration

Human rights activist Malcolm X was depicted as being both America's angriest man and equally as evil as Bill Cosby.
Ian Moore
Ink Spots

'Flaneur' Magazine Will Turn Your Street into a Print Publication

Each issue explores a specific street in a specific city using an innovative mix of art, text, and design.
Zach Sokol
Ink Spots

Photos from 'The Chapess': A Feminist Punk Zine for 2014

Started in Summer 2011 by two hardened feminists and old school zinesters, The Chapess is intended to be a platform to champion submissions from students and artists alike.
Amelia Abraham
The Barking Dog Issue

That’s Not Funny, Or Is It?

In 1990, AIDS was still a misunderstood, scary scourge of gay communities everywhere, and contracting HIV was more or less a death sentence. It was also the year that Diseased Pariah News debuted. DPN was the first publication by and for...
Mark Allen