The Guy Behind This $2,400 Egg-Shaped Capsule Says It Will Save Us During Deadly Earthquakes

Meant to withstand violent impacts, Mexican engineer Reynaldo Vela’s personal protection pods take prehistoric design cues and are part of a broader trend in disaster capitalism.


Tricky Soccer Dude Executes Sneak Attack on Goalie, Scores Game-Winner In Final Minutes

You could say it's the oldest trick in the book, but it doesn't really get old. That was delightful.


A Reporter Tweeted a Video of Her Sexual Assault to Highlight Impunity in Mexico

Andrea Noel's tweet and travails while reporting the crime have triggered an intense debate on sex crimes. The video has also prompted a barrage of misogyny, including death threats.


The Bodyguards of Mexico's Elite Are Getting Out of Control

The private security industry, built to protect the nation’s business and political elites from kidnappings, robberies, and assassinations, is being exposed as a vehicle for the rich and powerful to live above the law.


Pregnant Women Are the Latest Victims of Mexico’s Femicide Crisis

Six pregnant women have been murdered or disappeared in the last two years in the state of Puebla, attracting attention to its status as the latest hotspot in a wave of extreme violence directed against women in Mexico.


Another Reporter Was Murdered in Veracruz, Mexico — And Journalists Are Terrified

Anabel Flores Salazar’s tortured body was found a day after she was kidnapped from her home. Local reporters say her murder may have been retaliation for her stories on the presence of the Zeta drug cartel in Veracruz.


In Search of Mexico's Top Skate Spots

VICE Mexico followed four of the country's best skateboarders as they embark on a road trip in search of the country's best skate spots.


Mexico Imagines a Union for 2.3 Million Domestic Maids — But Could It Work?

Women across Mexico work in private homes without contracts, paid leave, vacations, or protection against abuses. Less than 200 Mexicans house cleaners have signed on so far to join the new union.


Mexican Cilantro Imports Have Been Banned Due to Fecal Contamination

Don't you just love snacking on guac and chips in the summer? Maybe not as much when your cilantro is contaminated with human feces and shredded toilet paper.


How Pimps in Mexico's Smallest State Trick Young Girls Into the World of Sex Trafficking

In Tlaxcala, Mexico, entire families work to seduce mostly poor, uneducated girls into forced prostitution using human trafficking rings that extend all the way to New York City.


Mexican Teachers Burn Ballots in Spreading Protests Ahead of Elections

Mexico's largest dissident teachers union CNTE carried out attacks against electoral offices in five states. A strike in Oaxaca is affecting 1 million students, as federal officials bowed to a demand on education reform.


Cuauhtémoc Blanco Retires a Champion

Mexican soccer legend Cuauhtémoc Blanco is retiring to run for mayor of Cuernavaca