New music

Sheer Mag Shared the Title Track from Their New Album and It's a Banger

"Need to Feel Your Love" is another new song from the Philadelphia band's debut album, due July 14.
Lauren O'Neill
phil the punk

Phil, His Stoat, and a Rat Perform a Punk Song in Today's Comic by Jim Pluk

Los Pterodaktiloz perform a song in the final Phil the Punk comic by Jim Pluk.
Jim Pluk
phil the punk

'How to Write Punk Lyrics,' Today's Comic by Jim Pluk

A helpful rat designs a logo for Phil and Henry's punk band and even writes their song lyrics for them!
Jim Pluk
phil the punk

'What Is the Best Band Logo?' Today's Comic by Jim Pluk

Phil and Henry are trying to come up with a logo for their punk band.
Jim Pluk
phil the punk

'What Is the Best Band Name?' Today's Comic by Jim Pluk

A punk and his pet ermine try to come up with the name for their new band.
Jim Pluk
phil the punk

Being a Terrible Musician Is Harder Than It Looks in Today's Comic by Jim Pluk

The instruments that Phil, the rich Colombian punk kid, ordered off of Amazon have arrived. Sadly, he and his pet stoat have no idea how to use them.
Jim Pluk
phil the punk

'PRETEND PUNKS,' a Comic by Jim Pluk

Phil the rich Colombian punk kid and his pet Henry decide to do a punk band!
Jim Pluk
Make this

This Hamachi Dish Is the Beyoncé of Crudos

You need a flawless dinner to top off your day of being a boss. Beyoncé can do pretty, pervy, or punk; hamachi can wear tangy, spicy, and savory complements with equal ease.
Munchies Staff

Punx Should Never Change (and Here's Why...)

An exclusive page from issue #3 of punk comic anthology, 'As You Were.'
Noisey Staff

We Saw Hunx and His Punx at 285 Kent

Hunx and His Punx played at 285 Kent two nights ago. Ssion was there. Lots of local gay icons were there. Jonathan Toubin was there with his mom, and I was there with my camera snapping shots.
Nick Gazin
New music

Listen to Hunx's Jangly New Single, "I Won't Tell If You Don't Tell"

Our favorite Bay Area boy toy just dropped a new single.