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Researchers Developed a Technique to Turn Nearly a Quarter of Our Plastic Waste into Fuel

The process could help convert millions of tons of plastic we generate every year into an gasoline and diesel-like fuel.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Plan to Seed Life on Alien Planets

The 50th anniversary of "Earthrise" is the perfect opportunity to think about sending Earth's life to the stars.
Becky Ferreira

Elon Musk's Bacteria-Covered Space Car May Be a 'Biothreat'

“The load of bacteria on the Tesla could be considered a biothreat—or a backup copy of life on Earth.”
Daniel Oberhaus

Forget Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs: Purdue’s Microbots Are the Real Nightmare

The microTUMs are coming.
Becky Ferreira
college football

Three Purdue Football Players Expelled In Connection with Sexual Assault Allegations, According to Law Firm

The mother of the victim said,​ "I would like to thank Purdue University for allowing my family to receive the closure that we needed to begin the healing process."
Liam Daniel Pierce

Beyond Targeting: How to Make Football Safer

Brain damage is a major problem in football. There are ways to make the sport safer without compromising its essence.
Kevin Trahan
virtual reality

This Virtual Nose Is the Latest Solution to Virtual Reality's Sickness Problem

Before virtual reality can succeed, it needs to stop making us want to barf.
Jordan Pearson
Motherboard Blog

The 300-Step Competitive Balloon-Popping Machine Totally Blew It

When you spend six months and 5,000 hours perfecting a "300-step, Guinness Record-breaking Rube Goldberg contraption":http://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/general/2012/120331RubeNational.html, it's gotta be a bummer to come in second place to some wimpy-ass...
Trevor Macomber