Purple Reign

Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Two Brand New Future Videos, Marvel At His Tireless Work Ethic

He shared visuals for “Drippin’” and “That’s a Check” featuring Rick Ross last night.
Lauren O'Neill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Future Count Stacks on a Private Jet in His VHS-Style Video For “Buy Love”

And... loved-up astronaut Future is back.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Summer Is Somehow Getting Better, Because Ty Dolla $ign and Future Just Linked for "Campaign"

It's apparently one of multiple tracks Ty and Future recorded on the 'Purple Reign' tour.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Future and DJ Esco drop ‘Esco Terrestrial,’ Attempt to Secure the Summer

The follow up to 'Purple Reign' is here and "YALL DESERVE IT."
Noisey Staff
In Memoriam

Purple Reign, Forever: How Prince Influenced Rap Music for All of Eternity

If Lil Wayne and Andre 3000 are two of the most influential artists of the last half-century, Prince is the purple progenitor, the creator of abstruse shades that Crayola could never copy.
Jeff Weiss
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Future's 'Purple Reign' Tour Continues His Victory Lap That Will Never End

The rapper's sold out Los Angeles show cemented his reign and posed the question we can never seem to answer: How the hell is Future so goddamn good?
Drew Millard

Meet D Bruze, the Designer Behind Future’s Amazing New Merch

We paid a visit to the Purple Reign Tour Pop-Up Shop in LA, where Future fan art mixed with a line of dope exclusive T-shirts designed by 21-year-old New Yorker Darian Bruze.
Drew Millard

Is Future's New Mixtape 'Purple Reign' Any Good?

Future looks back at the trail of spilled Actavis and Xanax residue he’s left in his wake during his ascent to the upper echelon of rap stardom and announces the next phase of his rise.
Trey Smith