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This Justin Bieber Interview Sure Is Something

Buckle up, the 24-year-old pop icon and his new wife Hailey Baldwin to talk about religion, marriage, and celibacy in a pretty ridiculous 'Vogue' profile.
Josh Terry
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Justin Bieber Is Banned from China for Causing 'Discontent Among the Public'

He's now not allowed to perform in the People's Republic, according to an official statement.
Lauren O'Neill
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Steve James Teams Up with LIGHTS for the Expletive-Laced "Warrior"

Bit of a banger from this 18-year-old production wiz who's Grammy nominated for his work on Bieber's 'Purpose.'
Avery Stone
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Justin Bieber Escalates Fan Encounter with a Punch, But He's Also Just Tired of Everything

Bieber is done with this year, and so are we.
Noisey Staff
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Searching for Purpose: Has Justin Bieber Outgrown Himself?

Last night in London, the pop star seemed lost in a realm where it doesn't really matter what he does, because everyone will love him for it regardless.
Emma Garland
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Witness Him: Justin Bae-ber Is Objectively Perfect in New Video "Company"

Bieber and this video are our one and only paradise.
Phil Witmer
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Justin Bieber, Jesus Christ, and the Journey: The Purpose World Tour, One Belieber at a Time

With the help of Skrillex, Diplo, and an umlaut, we've all become Beliebers. So we went to mingle and ask fans life's big questions.
Eve Barlow
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Kanye West, Excellent Music Taste-Haver, Names Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" as His Favorite Song of 2015

Mr. West knows the best.
John Hill
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Oh Boy, An Unreleased Justin Bieber Track Called "Oh Girl" Surfaces Online

Get hot and bothered listening to this new track from the Biebz.
Jabbari Weekes
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I Went to a Justin Bieber Club Night to Find Out If Young Dudes Have Ruined Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Appreciation club nights are touring the UK and selling out in six minutes. We went to one in Bristol to gauge this pissed up phenomena.
Sammy Maine

This Is What It’s Like to Spend 6 Years DJing for Justin Bieber

No, DJ Tay James can't get you tickets to a concert.
Rebecca Krauss
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Justin Bieber Came Home for His Toronto Show

We watched him Snapchat live, as well as cover Ne-Yo and The Beatles.
Slava Pastuk