• 8.4.15

      Now You Can Carry Around Your Love for Wes Anderson

      Artist Jayde Fish creates hand-painted train case purses inspired by 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' 'The Royal Tenenbaums,' and more.

    • 2.1.14

      Fork Lifters: An Etiquette Primer

      Welcome back to Hot Links, our food column dedicated to showcasing the overlooked culinary wonders of YouTube. Here's a selection of table manners videos that are filled with totally useless tips that will help us all accept the fact that most...

    • 2.23.12

      Fisting Seminars Bring People Together

      Why would it feel good to have a fist in your vagina? Um, it's like five penises in there.

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    • 7.1.06

      Sally Bierman

      Bags for sale.

    • 3.14.01


      Everywhere is more fun with booze. You know what’s not fun without booze? Staying at your girlfriend’s parents’ cottage, Muslim weddings, AA BBQs, a week at Grandma’s, and the war in Iraq.