Puzzle Games


This Bartender Is Secretly the Greatest Tetris Player in the World

Most days of the year, Jonas Neubauer is a regular dude. During the Classic Tetris World Championship, he's a god.


The Very Weird, Charming 'Donut County' Does A Lot With Very Little

‘Donut County’ is a very smart game about donuts and… holes.


Diving Down the Rabbit Hole of an ARG

It’s really fun to jump into a community actively plumbing the depths of a game’s secrets.


Memory Is a Mystery in this Conspiracy-Driven Sci-Fi Puzzler

The sequel to 2016's minor stream phenomenon 'Asemblance' is everything that game was and more, with wild imagery and even wilder puzzles.


I Keep Playing Puzzle Games, Like 'Gorogoa,' Even Though I Want to Cheat

So far, though, 'Gorogoa' has managed to keep me honest. It's that good.


This Playable MC Escher Painting Will Make Your Head Spin

It's a puzzle game set inside an MC Escher painting; fans of Portal will feel right at home.


This Puzzle Game is My Life Right Now

Hey, work? Yeah, sorry, I need to fill in all these squares. Mm hmm. No, it can’t. Alright, well I’ll pick up my last check after I fill in all these squares.


The Localization of the New Professor Layton Game Has a Brexit Joke In It

Which is far from crass or anything—it’s the sign of a great job being done.


‘Captain Toad’ Remains the Epitome of Nintendo’s Toymaker Ethos

AKA: Look, Nintendo, this game is sweet, and we need it on Switch, okay?


This Tiny Puzzler Rewires Your Brain in 15 minutes

‘PrograMaze’ will have you thinking in Puzzlescript!


An Overdue Appreciation of the Brilliance of BoxBoy

Sorry, Qbby. I’m so sorry. I should have seen you sooner. But now I’m here, man, your games are magic.


‘Rime’ Shouts So Very Much, But Says So Very Little

Tequila Works’ new game is a thing of beauty, but its surface splendor hides a hollow experience.