What Sun Ra's Poetry Can Teach Us About Afrofuturism

"What I would like to see is a scholarly edition of his poems," says the author of a new book on Sun Ra. "I think they're worthy of that treatment..."
Patrick Lyons

What Makes Gainesville So Punk?

A new book explores the sleepy college town that incubated talents like Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music.
Allie Conti

'American Anarchist' Is the Last Interview with the Guy Who Taught Us How to Make Drugs at Home

William Powell's 'The Anarchist Cookbook' offers instructions for making homemade bombs, drugs, and phreaking devices. The new documentary 'American Anarchist' confronts the author just before his death with the controversial legacy of his book.
Kaleem Aftab

Want to Make More Money? Get Better at Memorizing Basic Facts

According to a new book, there's a correlation between how knowledgeable you are and your income and happiness.
Patrick Lyons

How Black Co-Ops Can Fight Institutional Racism

We talked with Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, an expert on cooperative economics, about the ways that blacks can join together through a capitalistic enterprise and create social change.
Sage Howard

I Asked Academia's Most Vocal Critic Why College Is a Waste

"There was a time when the university was a place of the mind where you expected academic freedom, where if you graduated from that university you'd actually be an educated person. Those things aren't necessarily true anymore."
Allie Conti

New York City's Surprising Role Funding Slavery and Profiting Off the Civil War

I talked to author John Strausbaugh about his new book, which details how "New York was arguably the most pro-South, pro-slavery city in the North," during the Civil War.
Peter Moskowitz
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

What It's Like to Work at the RNC

We talked to a white guy, a black guy, and Mexican immigrant girl about what it was like to serve, pour drinks, and run a marketing booth at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Europeans React to Britain's Decision to Leave the EU

"All of Europe's conservative parties congratulated the UK this morning. If that's not a bad sign, what is?"
VICE Staff

What the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye Beef Tells Us About the Meaning of Life

Steven Hydens's new book 'Your Favorite Band is Killing Me' focuses on famous music rivalries like Oasis vs. Blur and Taylor Swift vs. Kanye to reveal that these beefs were about something more than drunken VMA speeches or Noel Gallagher's big mouth.
Patrick Lyons

We Asked Smokers if They Would Pay $33 for a Pack of Cigarettes

Australian smokers are set to pay about $33 USD for a packet of cigarettes by 2020. We asked some of Melbourne's smokers if that was reason enough to quit.
David Allegretti

On the Campaign Trail with Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson

The social media–savvy activist told us how he went from a teacher to a protester to an unlikely candidate for mayor of Baltimore.
Annalies Winny