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'American Anarchist' Is the Last Interview with the Guy Who Taught Us How to Make Drugs at Home

William Powell's 'The Anarchist Cookbook' offers instructions for making homemade bombs, drugs, and phreaking devices. The new documentary 'American Anarchist' confronts the author just before his death with the controversial legacy of his book.


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I Asked Academia's Most Vocal Critic Why College Is a Waste

"There was a time when the university was a place of the mind where you expected academic freedom, where if you graduated from that university you'd actually be an educated person. Those things aren't necessarily true anymore."


New York City's Surprising Role Funding Slavery and Profiting Off the Civil War

I talked to author John Strausbaugh about his new book, which details how "New York was arguably the most pro-South, pro-slavery city in the North," during the Civil War.


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Theo Edwards started Meal Deal Talk for his mates to rate his Boots lunch. It now has over 100,000 members who post photos and score each others’ sandwich, drink, and crisp combinations out of ten.