Phys Ed

Is Freezing Your Ass Off Good for Endurance or Just Plain Reckless?

Journalist Scott Carney tried out Wim Hof's extreme cold-weather workout regimen.
Josiah Hesse

Artist Mickalene Thomas Is Bringing Black Women into the Canon

Drawing inspiration from her childhood in the 1970s as well as the full scope of Western and African art, Thomas uses painting, photography, collage, and video to demand her glamorous, assertive subjects be seen.
Olivia Parkes

To Honor Mom, Artist Will Stop at Nothing to Make Thousands of PB&J Sandwiches

Over five days, Jessica Olah is making 2,340 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as an "exercise in empathy" with her mother, who prepared her daughter a bag lunch every day until she went to college.
Lauren Oyler

The Scandalous Work of the Woman Who Dresses Olivia Pope

Lyn Paolo has worked as a costume designer for TV since the 80s, but her Michelle Obama–inspired style on the hit show "Scandal" is what has made her work iconic.
Faith Cummings

Why Write a Novel About Befriending a Squirrel? A Q&A with Elizabeth McKenzie

In the author's smart, funny, and bizarre new novel "The Portable Veblen," a woman sublimates her anxieties about her mother, her fiancé, and capitalism in an unlikely bond with a cute woodland creature.
Lauren Oyler
reproductive rights

Director of One of Texas' First Abortion Clinics: 'We're Going Backwards'

We talked to Aralyn Hughes, a second-wave activist who worked at Austin's first abortion clinic in the years following "Roe v. Wade," about why she became a feminist, what it was like to offer abortion services in the 70s, and how the abortion debate...
Taylor Prewitt

The Artist Making Appropriation Look Good

Deborah Kass's new show, "No Kidding," is full of uneasy paintings for uneasier times. We talked to the multimedia artist about Andy Warhol, the reign of white men in art history, and why it's "next to impossible to feel good anymore."
Lauren Oyler

Soft Paintings, Hard Women

Amy Cutler's bizarre, delicate paintings are an unsettling kind of folksy. We talked to the internationally acclaimed, Brooklyn-based artist about goats, anxiety dreams, and "women's work."
Olivia Parkes

Was Ernest Hemingway Hot?

A new Facebook group asks a critical question. Discussion of his work is not only irrelevant—it's banned.
Lauren Oyler

Patricia Cornwell on the Thrill of Writing Crime Novels as a Woman

We talked with the best-selling crime novelist about what it's like to be a millionaire, her theories on Jack the Ripper and Princess Diana, and writing your own role models as a woman.
Lauren Oyler
you know who sucked

Lou Reed Was a Jealous, Misogynistic 'Prick' Who Acted Obnoxious to Sell Records

We talked to the author of a new biography, "Notes from the Velvet Underground," about how we're all "beginning to see the light" on the beloved proto-punk provocateur's personality.
Lauren Oyler

Inspired by Justin Bieber, Men Open Up About Their Dads and Their Penises

Today, Justin Bieber's father made history by tweeting approvingly about his son's penis, so we asked some guys how they would feel if their dads did the same.
Lauren Oyler