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We Asked the Men of London How Often They Fake an Orgasm

Because, according to a recent survey, 30 percent of male New Yorkers have at least once.
Hannah Ewens
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What Conspiracy Theories Do You Believe?

Meeting a non-shouty, socially adept conspiracy theorist in real life seems impossible. So we decided to take to the streets of London and ask the general public: What conspiracy theories do you believe in?
Kieran Morris, Ellen Coyne
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What Do You Think About Critiquing Naked Women on TV?

Last month saw the premiere of 'Blachman,' a new Danish TV show where a panel of men judge the bodies of naked women. That's literally the whole show. Just some men saying what they like and don't like about the bodies of naked women. Lots of people...
Christine Jun
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What Will Robots Be Doing in 50 Years?

A recent IBM report has shown that within five years computers will be able to smell, taste, and hear. What the hell, right? If computers are going to be that advanced within half a decade, what are they going to be doing 50 years from now?
VICE Staff
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What's the Most Disturbing Thing You've Seen Online?

We've all been subjected to certain sects of vomit-worthy internet fodder depending on what kind of friends we have and how willing they are to show us the kind of stuff they stumble across while trawling the depths of the web, but who's seen what? Is...
VICE Staff
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Would You Rather Have Two Moms or Two Dads?

The gay marriage debate is still raging. Something that's always left out of these debates, however, is which kind of gay couples would be preferable caregivers: two parents with dicks or two parents who are chicks.
VICE Staff
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Do You Surf and Turf?

If you don't get the lingo, we're talking about sticking it in the vag and then up the shitbox. We came up with this question while watching trains rush through tunnels in the subway. What? Public transportation doesn't remind you of double dipping?
Sam Clements
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How Many People Do You Say You've Had Sex With?

How much of a liar are you?
Monica Heisey
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What Will Life Be Like in 100 Years?

We won't have time for emotions in our beige future.
Henrietta Hitchcock
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Would You Shoot Yourself to Be Famous?

This guy says he wouldn't mind losing a chunk out of his toe.
VICE Staff
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Prostitution Should Be Legal, Right?

We asked a bunch of Londoners if selling state-sanctioned sex services was OK.
VICE Staff
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Would You Have Been Ian Curtis's Pal?

Because he really could have used a friend to talk to.
Elise Connor, Kareem Ghezawi